Lego 60046 – Helicopter Surveillance

Definitely, the cops were quite well reinforced this year. The Helicopter Surveillance is a new Police set that has just recently arrived to retail. With more than five hundred pieces, it brings a big fat helicopter, a robbers’ hideout (one more…) a small van, a few useful accessories (including a useful wheelbarrow and a brown barrel) and five mini-figures (the traditional thieves and three officers, including the pilot).

Helicopters aren’t my favorite type of vehicle, and having one as the all the center of attention, I will certainly pass this set when I see it on stores, despite the all the heli’s features which look rather cool, and most of all, the nice Robber’s hideout which is nothing more than a small building, hard to find similar sometimes, but with some really nice details.

The Helicopter, ignoring the enormous wingspan Continue reading