Lego 60032 – The Arctic Snowmobile

The Arctic Snowmobile is the entry set of the new city’s sub-theme and perhaps my only arctic acquisition. It’s particularly small with only forty four pieces but it brings a very nice mini-figure and of course the orange snowmobile that includes a small trailer.

The vehicle is built upon a couple of skis at the front which, looking at the picture, seem to move and adapt to the Ice land and snow. Forgetting the skis, the rest of the bike is similar to the quad bikes with the small engine with two lights, at the front and the driver seat (actually the guy only have space to stand) just behind it.

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The Lego Summer Wave in Official Images

Yes, that’s it. Several online retailers have been recently posted official images of the new Lego sets as well as a short description, and I thought of putting it together right here. There isn’t properly anything new but I guess that is always pleasant to see the official images and all its details.

I’ll start with the train’s family that includes a new train station, a high-speed passenger train and a cargo train, which are absolutely my favorites, but the arctic subset and for instance the Ninjago or Friends have also some really nice elements.

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Lego City Arctic – The First Pictures

The Arctic set have finally been unveiled in Nuremberg. The first impressions are absolutely positive, showing new models with a predominant color, the orange. Every single vehicle is clearly adapted to the ice presenting some really nice details that are only possible in this type of environment.

The head set is the Arctic Base with plenty of nice elements (I especially enjoy these new animals, the white bear and the huskies) but all the other have for sure some really nice feature to enjoy. The lift Helicopter is quite unusual (the closest model that I remember is the Dino T-Rex Hunter) as well as the Arctic Outpost (that trailer is awesome).

Please enjoy these five new sets that will be available on stores next June:

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