Lego 60019 – Stunt Plane

The Stunt Plane is a new city airplane that will fly in the skies next summer.  With exactly one hundred and sixty five pieces, this acrobatic airplane has also in case of emergency, a little emergency vehicle, in the ground, with a few accessories. The set brings two nice mini-figures which are the pilot and the ground mechanic.

The plain is not very big, far away from that, but at the same time its big wingspan easily highlights from the rest. The speed and agility in the skies are a mandatory condition for the success and fortunately all the features point in that direction. Starting by the front, it has a nice propeller and a good air entry, to maximize the engine’s power.

The Landing gear was reinforced and is made with a mix Continue reading

The Summer Wave of 2013 City Sets

The 2013 Summer City sets have finally been revealed and I must say that I’m really excited with some of them. There are clearly three sub-themes, all of them a sequel of older ones, and every one brings great news, despite the few available pictures until the moment. There will be some coast-guard sets, three cargo and even at least a couple of racing.

The Coast-guards will arrive with a plane, some patrol vehicle, and perhaps one or two boats. The Cargo will be represented with a heliplane (which I speculate that will bring a nice helicopter), a big truck and a cargo terminal that surely will capture my attention.

The Racing sets, by now, are represented by two large sets Continue reading