Lego City 4207 – Garage / Car Parking released

Looks like that with summer almost here, the new city set, the Car Parking and Garage (4207) is getting available on stores. Generically, the building details were the ones that were presented last march, in here. The three floors are confirmed as well as the car wash area and the little pump station.

The biggest doubts were in terms of number and type of vehicles as well as the number of available mini-figures. Well, these are five: a mechanic, a lady, a business man, a surveillance guard and a usual driver. According that the set has four vehicles, and the building has two residents, I am afraid that is one fellow missing in the set.

The six parking places are also in the retail version (I remember that the set presented before was only part of a exposition, with no identification) as well as the nice and efficient lifting mechanism of the platform. Continue reading

Lego City 4207 – Car Park/Garage – Preview

Lego World in Denmark was stage for one of the first presentations of the new Car Parking set that will arrive in the 2012’s second half. Definitely it is a very nice set with plenty of playability. It has the main building, apparently a couple of vehicles, perhaps more, a surveillance guard with his office and a small pump.

The building has three floors. In the ground floor there is a car wash area , the park’s entrance and in the middle the lift access. By the photos I am suggested to say that the up/down mechanism is similar to the Space Center set’s tower. Apparently there is also room for six parked vehicles, two in the first floor and four on the second. Continue reading