Lego 41118 – Heartlake Supermarket

Heartlake has a lot of houses, shops or markets but I think that is the first time that receives a Supermarket. And looking at the pictures, besides the traditional bunch of different colors, I would say that inside and outside there’s a lot of stuff to enjoy.

This new Friends set has around three hundred pieces (a bit more…) and features a  nice colored Supermarket with an endless number of accessories and tools, especially inside, a new shopping cart with a parking island, a small stand, in the outside, with some newspapers and two mini-figures: Mia and Daniel.Lego-41118-Heartlake-Supermarket-friends

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Lego Friends – Images of the 2016 Extensive Set List

At least thirteen new sets will make part of the new wave of Friends’ set, and by the pictures, the girls will have certainly a lot to enjoy. Among so many houses and vehicles, the difficulty will certainly be to pick up a favorite.

The set list will include buildings and vehicles of several sizes and prices and if there are a few that seems like a simply upgrade (the heart lake cupcake for instance) there are also a couple of them that are simply fantastic, namely the Adventure Camp Tree House or the Livi’s Pop Star sets are already available

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