The Lego Summer Wave in Official Images

Yes, that’s it. Several online retailers have been recently posted official images of the new Lego sets as well as a short description, and I thought of putting it together right here. There isn’t properly anything new but I guess that is always pleasant to see the official images and all its details.

I’ll start with the train’s family that includes a new train station, a high-speed passenger train and a cargo train, which are absolutely my favorites, but the arctic subset and for instance the Ninjago or Friends have also some really nice elements.

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Lego Friends – A few new Summer Set Pictures

Pictures of four new Friends’ sets of the next summer wave have been surfing in the last hours in the internet. Not being the most enthusiastic fan, I must say that globally they look pretty nice, with a couple of interesting vehicles, namely the new side car bike and the small caravan. And if it wasn’t enough the pictures’ environment are absolutely awesome which makes the sets look even better.

The First Aid Jungle Bike (41032) features a really nice side car and s small cave with a palm tree, the Jungle Falls Rescue (41033) shows a beautiful cascade with a small esplanade on the top of the hill.

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