The new Creator Sets in images

The next Creator wave that will be on stores in the beginning of the year will present some really nice sets. Most of them were already known quite a while ago, but there were a couple that suffered a big speculation, particularly the Emerald Express, that almost all of us wished, that was a new release of the 2009 train, Emerald Night (10194).

In fact it is, but it’s only a sample with fifty six pieces and just all the other models, it offers three building possibilities. Looking at all of them, my favorite is absolutely the yellow Turbo Quad but I think that some of them, namely those with the animals will also delight the fans.

Enjoy the new pictures!

31014 – Power Digger

With the size of a polybag it brings only sixty four pieces and alternatively a small caterpillar or a truck Continue reading

New Lego Creator Polybags

Brickset has recently added to its database two new creator polybags that will be released next year. The Racing Car (31017) and the Monkey (31019) look two nice small sets nicely detailed and I must say that the new racing car that easily can be transformed in a nice competition truck definitely caught my attention.

With a nice color scheme, both (truck and racing car) are built over a structure made with a few technic pieces which automatically gives them a sturdy look. Another interesting appointment is the huge number (for a polybag, of course…) of pieces that is used, making this small set one of the biggest polybags of the last times.

Finally and having a look at the cute monkey, it also brings a friend, a toucan with plenty of color, and some really nice details, especially in its face. Continue reading