Lego 31009 – Small Cottage

The Small Cottage is a new Creator set that has been recently released. It brings three possible building models that basically are a small square cottage, a longer building that easily can be transformed on a corner house and at last a nice tall wind mill. Every one of them is not very big, after all we are talking about a two hundred and seventy one pieces’ set.

Besides the house, the set has also a boy with a skate. I know that this is a creator’s set, but I think that the Creator’s houses should bring at least another additional mini-figure. Fear of being confused with a city set?The main building is very cozy and has an awesome color combination, Continue reading

Lego Creator 2013 – The new set’s pictures

The smaller, the less interesting, that’s my first thought about the 2013 creator sets. The Horizon express, which was first known a few weeks ago and is shown right here, is obviously a world apart. Recently other nine sets revealed their set boxes, leaving only one, the 31008 Thunder Gigs that possibly will only be released in 2013’ second half.

The two most appellative for me are perhaps the Highway speedsters (31006) and the Power Meck (31007). The fist one is a high speed white car with some rather looking wheels that can be transformed in a tow truck or a sort of f1 vehicle. The Power Mech is a green robot that easily can be a helicopter or a small van. This one is surely an amazing and versatile creation.

The small cottage (31009) is very pretty but a bit small. Continue reading