Great Western Lego Show 2012

The Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon, United Kingdom was again stage of this year’s Great Western Lego show, in the last weekend. There weren’t many news but the personalized creations were amazing. A gigantic Friends Mosaic with the five girls with more than ninety eight thousand pieces was also completed which certainly left the organization very satisfied.

A bunch of themes were exhaustively represented and the following pictures unfortunately only cover a small part of the entire event. I especially appreciated all the nice details of the big cities, the enormous buildings mixed with all the traffic and that entire crowd. Indeed those were very nice creations, my congratulations to everyone.

Trains and railways were also huge and for all kinds of tastes. Continue reading

Lego 2012 Fun Weekend in Denmark

Last weekend, Skærbæk at Denmark was stage of one of the most interesting Lego events of the last months. As we can see in the official website, more than three hundred Lego fans from twenty countries worked really hard to make this even happen with such a great beauty. My sincere congratulations not only to all of them but also to the photographer who made an excellent job.

Below, at the extended gallery, or at flickr you can find a lot of big and detailed unique creations from the most various scenarios: buildings, road vehicles, trains, farms, official building, technical cars (there was even a big blue Veyron among others) and extra detailed train stations, everything was there.The 2012 Olympic Stadium at London Continue reading

Lego Duplo 2012 Super Packs

The younger fans will also have the great opportunity to have a nice gift. The Duplo theme will soon have two super packs 3×1 on stores. Particularly I have no intention to buy anyone of them and my experience with this kind of sets is not much, but I must say that these packs look rather interesting.

One of them, the Lego 66429, will contain a nice power city train with a locomotive and a similar wagon, a small railway station, three figures and a bunch of rails. But the features don’t end here because there is also an extra rail pack and a big red bridge that integrates perfectly with the rails. The pack has also a big structure which seems to be a train washing bridge.

The other super pack, the Lego 66430, Continue reading

Lego Book Revised

Lego Book has recently been expanded and fully revised by Dorling Kindersley and besides all the fun, ideas and models that always have been included since 2009, it has now new dozens of pages with interesting things about the more recent themes such as Ninjago, Friends and Lego Games among others. Unfortunately the new version doesn’t have the smallest book, Standing Small, that in some countries included one mini-figure.

The Book is quite interesting and is full updated. It is easy to find some models and texts (these are usually rather small, giving more space to detailed pictures) about Monster fighters and Lord of the Rings. Besides all the news, the book has also a bunch of nostalgic pictures of themes and sets that are no longer on sale.On the other hand, it is also easy to go back a couple of decades ago Continue reading

Lego 2012 Super Packs – Cars, Friends and Technic

These are just the kind of gifts that I would love to be presented in Christmas. They combine playability, lots of mini-figures, beauty and an excellent value for money. Some references sites recently mentioned the launch of new super packs for these three themes: cars, Friends and Technic.

The three have normally different market target to reach, but all of them try to offer the best possible product with a nice discount. This year, at the moment, all of the three themes have a super pack ready to be launched and I have special curiosity to see the technic package (that will be the Lego 66433) because with it will come the tow truck, a nice Quad ATV and a power set.On the other hand, the Cars superpack (Lego 66409) will have five racing cars, Continue reading