Lego 10233 – Add some power functions to the Horizon Express

Most of you have certainly thought “what a great train, it’s such a pity that that it is not electrified”. There are some reasons for that and I guess that the most important is definitely the price. If we think that it has a retail price around the hundred and thirty dollars it would certainly have a prohibitive price if it had all the power accessories.

And in fact, if we look at the Lego store, it surely has, because the new Horizon Express Kit that has not only the orange train but also all the necessary equipment, costs the gigantic value of three hundred and seventy five dollars. It is definitely another train with the addition of all the power functions, but you have to be brave to spend such a huge amount!

But, what are the necessary accessories? Continue reading

Lego Creator 2013 – The new set’s pictures

The smaller, the less interesting, that’s my first thought about the 2013 creator sets. The Horizon express, which was first known a few weeks ago and is shown right here, is obviously a world apart. Recently other nine sets revealed their set boxes, leaving only one, the 31008 Thunder Gigs that possibly will only be released in 2013’ second half.

The two most appellative for me are perhaps the Highway speedsters (31006) and the Power Meck (31007). The fist one is a high speed white car with some rather looking wheels that can be transformed in a tow truck or a sort of f1 vehicle. The Power Mech is a green robot that easily can be a helicopter or a small van. This one is surely an amazing and versatile creation.

The small cottage (31009) is very pretty but a bit small. Continue reading

Lego Creator 10233 Horizon Express

The new Lego train has finally been revealed. The high speed passenger Horizon Express, from what we can see through the available pictures, which clearly give an excellent idea of this train, will surely be a worthy successor of the older city 7938. The inside details and features were definitely improved.

As you can see, orange will be the main color, based perhaps on the first TVG generation. It will have about one thousand three hundred and fifty one pieces, the main locomotive and two passengers’ wagons as well as six mini-figures (four passengers, a driver and a train steward). It will also be considerable long, measuring almost eighty centimeters.Esthetically we can see that the new train is more realistic than the 7938. Continue reading