Lego Movie 2 – The new Collectable Mini-figures have been revealed

The new series of collectable mini-figures, based on the next Lego Movie 2 have been revealed, containing twenty new characters. And at the first glance I would say that most of them look absolutely cool! My favorites are the Water Melon Dud, the Apocalypseburg Abe, Battle-Ready Lucy and of course Benny!

There’s no official information about availability but rumors mentions the possibility of seeing them on general retail next February (which is just around the corner…) with the usual price of 3.99 .

Meanwhile, have a look at the complete collection and enjoy!

Giraffe Guy

Watermelon Dude

Apocalypseburg Abe

Dorothy Gale & Toto

Tin Man


Cowardly Lion


Crayon Girl

Kitty Pop

Candy Rapper

Flashback Lucy

Hula Lula

The Swamp Creature

Awesome Remix Emmet

Battle-Ready Lucy

Apocalypse Benny

Vest Friend Rex


Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield

Gone Golfin’ President Business

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