Lego City 7642 – Garage

The Garage is one of the most pleasant sets that i have in town. With almost one thousand pieces and four mini-figures this set is surely different from all the other buildings. Besides the workshop, it also has a big tow truck, capable of towing heavy vehicles, a “broken” truck and a little blue small van.

The workshop is the core of the set. It has no wall, just the skeleton which is understandable because it doesn’t increase the price and promotes the fun and the playability. And there are many features for it. In the left side there is an elevating platform to fix the broken vehicles. As long as the vehicle is not very large the platform will handle very well with it. Weight surely will not be the problem. And the raising mechanism is simple but very competent.At the right there are yellow marks that represent another parking place inside the workshop. The broken truck fits perfectly in that place. In terms of tools there are plenty everywhere: oil cans, spanners and at a corner there is also a tire rack with four tires, including the rims. Imagine what does a kid with he has car in his hands and looks at the spare tires… Yes, pit stop!Above there is a sliding small crane to lift some engine or even a can. It surely looks very nice but in terms of playability is not so good because when you try to hold something to it, the garage’s structure will easily fall. If you pass this part, there are two leverages that will move easily the crain.Next to the workshop, there is a long garage for the big tow truck. And unfortunately is not long enough, because if you close the door, the back of the vehicle will be out of the garage (yes, it has no back wall). Through a couple of technical pieces, it will easy attach to the workshop. Personally I prefer the three modules separated.The small office, or the garage reception, whatever you want to call it is built in a separate plate, which as I said, I prefer put place near by, instead of attaching it. The costumers enters through a glass door and inside there is a box with the vehicles’ files, a computer desk and a water machine. The seat rotates 360 degrees and next to the desk there are more two control panels and a city map. Finally the outside was not forgotten. There are some nice accessories, such as a fire extinguisher, a garbage can, a communication’s antenna and muck more.The Tow Truck is big, big enough to not fit inside the garage. Its cab is ordinary, just like many other trucks, it has four wheel axes, which is a bit unpleasant whenever you try to move it in curves. And there is of course its main feature, the tow. This time is not a winch but a platform where the other vehicles base its front part. The platform mechanism is supported by technical pieces which handle very well with the weight. And its amazing because the vehicles keep attached all the time.Finally, there are the other two vehicles. The small van is very cool especially in a child’s hands. Even its wheels are smaller than usual. The blue and red truck, that in this set makes the role of a broken truck is a nice replacement for other city truck that have trailer, because not only its size that also the attaching mechanism is similar.Globally is an excellent added value for a town. All the color that the set has, and all its features and vehicles will surely increase the fun and the beauty of any city. And if you have the 7638, that will be the cherry on the top of the cake. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

Now someone must build a garage for the Life-Size Ford Explorer Lego that was built in Legoland Florida Theme Park, we’re just not sure how many pieces it would take…

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