Lego City 3367 – Space Shuttle

This space shuttle above everything is very realistic. Its design and some exterior details are definitely very good. The cockpit, the powerful engines, the big rear wings flaps and the slopping down position are the most visible aspects. Unfortunately, this set has only one mini-figure. I guess a second pilot would fit perfectly (not only in terms of playability but also according to the set’s price).

However, the interior could be better. Starting by the cockpit, it could be bigger in order to have a second pilot (many previous sets have it), and it could have more instruments, specially one or two piloting commands. Of course, the good old one red cup had to be present. I wonder what happens to the liquid in the space… In terms of playability the cockpit can be accessed removing the single front piece.The rear part is full field with the engines and with pieces that will be the reactors’ supports. Talking about these ones, they are pretty realistic, especially with the orange little pieces. Two big additional pieces, the grills, protect the engine and give the ship some aerodynamic at the back.Finally we have the middle compartment. Two big side doors hide the satellite launcher and the astronaut suite. This perhaps is the major element in terms of playability. The launcher is activated through a couple of technical pieces that put the satellite outside the ship. The satellite is nothing more than an ordinary telescope, common in many other space sets.I guess that this is a good set if you only pretend to expose it. In terms of playability there are many other better sets and sometimes cheaper. Aesthetically it is a very realistic ship even comparing it with sculpture 10213’s set, however it could be slightly bigger with a second pilot seat. If necessary, the instructions can be found right here:

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