Lego City 3221 – Lego City Truck

Lego City Truck is a big goods delivery truck based on American style. With almost forty centimeters, it can carry not only the nine boxes that comes with the set but also all the small pieces, tools and accessories that are sometimes lost somewhere in the town. The set has also two mini-figures (the drives and the guy who carries the weight) and a little red cart to carry the blue boxes.

Starting building the Cabin, easily you will notice: “this will get big”!! A bigger platform than usual, three wheel axes, two sections, one on each side, with gasoline and water deposits and a bigger front with an impressive grid will make the difference towards other Truck models.Then we have the cabin. It is definitely a long distance cabin, because it gives the two drivers the possibility to ride along the long roads almost the 24 hours of the day. Besides the two possible seats (the cabin only has one but carefully an extra can be mounted) the cabin has a rear space with a nice bed and a LCD in the wall.Windows all over the cabin and an open roof,  give this part of the set an extraordinary potential in terms of playability. The workers can sleep, watch tv, drive, seat side by side, whatever. One last note in terms of building: normally the cabin is part of the truck structure, but in this model is built separately.Finally we have the trailer. Twelve big yellow pieces, including the doors and two black bases make the trailer’s structure. The nine boxes occupy less than 10 % of the available space leaving room for extra boxes and many other links of tool or accessories. The trailer has a back door and two side doors and the roof can be easily removed in order to better arrange all the goods.Many stamps with Lego logos and a few presence lights give the trailer the final touch. Below we have two independent axes, behind, and a balance platform in case of parking the trailer. If you don’t have toys r ‘us Truck’ colors, this will be definitely a good acquisition. If necessary, you can find the instructions right here:

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