Lego 75951 – Grindelwald’s Escape

Grindelwald’s Escape is a new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald set that has been recently unveiled by Lego. The set that will be available only next summer features one hundred and twenty two pieces and presents a beautiful Thestral creature, a black carriage and two mini-figures (Gellert Grindelwald and Seraphina Picquery) with spell accessories.

I don’t know what’s best, if the Thestral or the carriage. The black creature looks absolutely beautiful and its big and posable wings are absolutely majestic. And More! The wings can make a flap movement, allowing the creature to fly. Definitely awesome!

Look at the carriage, it has at the front a movable axle, which is good in terms of playability and just upon it, there’s a seat, perhaps for Gellert. Inside it’s not possible to see the details but I guess that it’ won’t be hard to imagine a couple of seats for two passengers. The roof with for lights in the corners can be easily removed and in the back there’s an extra space with a second black bar that can also carry and extra character.

Overall, it looks a pretty nice deal, especially if you like this type of Lego themes. The mini-figures, not being the most appellative, look nicely accurate and the creature, together with the carriage are absolutely beautiful. The set should be available only next August with a retail price around the fifteen dollars. Enjoy it!

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