Lego 75880 – The First Official Pictures of the McLaren 720S

Official Pictures of the new McLaren 720S have been recently unveiled, showing the final version of the latest Speed Champions model. And the final result is definitely awesome, with a pretty nice car where the orange color and the big windshield that covers the entire cockpit, highlight from all the rest.

The set includes besides the McLaren, a mini-figure with a miniature of the car, a desk with a mug, a lamp and a computer with digital images from the project.  Inside the car, the pilot has the usual, a great driving position and the traditional steering wheel. All around there are some great details but I would like to mention the rims, the front lights position and the double exhaust pipe at the around hundred and fifty pieces, the set should retail later this year with a price around the fifteen dollars just like all the single car sets from the theme. Have a look at the pictures!lego-75880-mclaren720S-speed-champions-2 lego-75880-mclaren720S-speed-champions-3 lego-75880-mclaren720S-speed-champions-1 lego-75880-mclaren720S-speed-champions-4

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