Lego 75097 – Star Wars Advent Calendar

There still some time until the 2015 Advent Calendar sets hit stores but the set box images are already known for a while and so, it is possible to have a good look about all its details that will be available next October.

The Star Wars advent Calendar set will have about the same piece count of previous years, around three hundred, and will feature some nice elements such as the Sarlacc pit, Jabba’s sail barge, a sandcrawler, a Lin demolition Mech or even a probe droid and five mini-figures (C-3PO as a Santa, a R2-D2, a Storm trooper, Jawa, a and Ewok Warrior).

Among the twenty four gifts, I especially enjoy the Hot Rebel Trooper, and Santa which are definitely great. As always there are a few elements that aren’t so pleasant and in this case I would say that the Assassin Droid or the Lin demolition Mech fit perfectly in this point. The set will be available in the end of summer and should retail around the thirty dollars.

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