Lego 70608 – Master Falls

Master Falls is a Ninjago Movie set that has recently hit stores. With around three hundred pieces, it is the perfect option if you want an addition to the bunch of Ninjago vehicles and without having to spend too much money.

This interesting set features a nice tricky bridge with plenty of trapped elements, including a cage, lots of different colors and small details to enjoy. In terms if mini-figures there are four: Jungle Garmadon, a Skeleton, Sensei Wu and Kai, as always with a few assorted accessories.Lego-70608-Master-Falls-ninjago-movie-3

Built over a river with rocks on the edges, the bridge, as well as the entire set, seems to be built with plenty of small pieces. On one side a big arch with some vegetation has also a cage nearby, presumably for Garmadon. On the opposite side, some steps in a wall with a couple of scorpions and two flames, definitely give the idea that it’s not easy to get on top.Lego-70608-Master-Falls-ninjago-movie-2

Globally, I like this set! The Master Falls bridge looks quite nice, breaking the trend that Ninjago sets have most of the times vehicles associated, the figs are nicely accurate (Sensei Wu looks pretty good) and the price is in line with the rest of the theme: thirty bucks, which is surely quite appellative. Enjoy it!

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