Lego 60128 – Police Pursuit

I love this set, since the first moment that I saw it. Why? Definitely because of the high speed police vehicle, it’s surely a great new among all the bunch of small police cars that have been released over the years.

The Police Pursuit is a new City set with hundred and eighty four pieces that features besides the high speed car, a dark red van for the robber, two mini-figures (the thief and the police officer)  and a few additional accessories such as money, two road signs, a small safe with money, a crowbar and a sort of soldering machine.Lego-60128-Police-Pursuit-city-1

The Police Vehicle seems one of those machines that are confiscated to thieves and transformed into a Police Car. It has an awesome design and every single detail remembers that this is a high speed car. The suspension is as low as possible, the rims are also different than the usual and even at the back, we’re presented with a nice aileron and a double exhaust pipe.Lego-60128-Police-Pursuit-city-2

The officer doesn’t have the biggest cockpit but inside, and after detaching the roof, it’s possible to find the steering wheel and its seat. Just like the van, it doesn’t bring side doors and the rear mirrors are placed inside the vehicle’s structure, near the windshield. The only con, if you want to consider it a con, is the fact that there are stickers everywhere, which I‘ll probably pass.

The Van isn’t much different of other city models, however, this has a few new details that in my opinion seem quite interesting. Starting by the engine grid, that is very simple but at the same time, perfect for a vehicle with a big engine. The suspension is clearly raised and the wheels are clearly bigger than usual.Lego-60128-Police-Pursuit-city

In the cab, the thief seats right in the middle and the roof is also detachable for a better access to the vehicle’s interior. There are no side doors this time but just next to the windows there are a couple of clips where the thief can store, among other things, the red crowbar. At the back, the trunk has the exact space for the stolen safe and the robber’s machine.

Overall, despite other previous similar versions, this is a great Police set with plenty of action and playability. The Police car worth the purchase but the van is also really cool. In terms of mini-figures, the officer seems to have a new uniform but generically they’re just two more regular figures. The Police pursuit should be available next month with a retail price around the twenty dollars.

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