Lego 60070 – Water Plane Chase

The Water Plane Chase is another Police Swamp set that has recently been unveiled. With a little less than three hundred pieces, it shows a really nice water plane, a red truck, two mini-figures (a police officer and a thief), a small hiding for the stolen money and, as usual, some accessories for the two guys.

Having a look at the plane, it looks pretty cool. It’s not too big but it seems quite sturdy and with some nice details from which I would highlight the yellow floaters that allow it to land on water or for instance the big engine, at the front, with a propeller that rotates vigorously. The cockpit in the middle brings more than enough space for the pilot and can be easily accessed just by removing the windshield together with the blue roof.The wings look pretty balanced in terms of size and bring a lot of different lights on multiples places. Finally the tail features a usual structure in this kind of plain including the big stabilizer with a blue sticker. Talking about stickers, this plane brings a few of them, mostly, as you can see in the picture, around the cockpit.

The truck isn’t very pretty, I must confess! With straight lines, it is equipped with large wheels and a big engine with an extra air grid placed just on top of the hood. The cab brings the usual, namely a steering wheel and a driving seat for the crock but at the same time looks pretty simple with no side doors or rear mirrors.

The trunk is perhaps the best part because it uses not only a couple f of brown printed tails with clips for a paddle and a shovel but also because, this small brown structure hides an extra hole with plenty of space for the stolen money or perhaps, with careful, for an third mini-figure.

The small island is another interesting element, presenting an additional hideout for the cash. Finally a word for the mini-figures that not being new at all, are always a good addition for the town. Cops and thieves are never too much!

Overall, for around thirty dollars I would say that this new city set seems a great option in terms of playability. The water plane is definitely my favorite and the truck despite my doubts in terms of design is also a nice vehicle for the robber’s escape. Unfortunately the available pictures in the moment are almost none but I think that these ones already give us a good perspective of what is coming! Enjoy it!

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