Lego 2018 Polybags

A bunch of images from new 2018 Polybags have been published in a youtube channel (Freedom Bricks), presenting fifteen (!!) new bags from different themes including Star Wars, Super-Heroes, Ninjago, City, Juniors, Friends, Disney, Creator and finally a single one from Duplo.

There isn’t for now, any kind of details about piece count, prices or eventual availability on Markets, but the pictures give a pretty decent image of the individual detail on each one. I must say that I especially liked a couple of city bags, namely the hotdog stand and the road worker.

Have a look at them:

30356 – Hot Dog Stand

30357 – Road Worker

30358 – Dragster

30339 – Traffic Light Patrol

30380 – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

30450 – Royal Talon Fighter

30530 – WU-CRU Target Training

30531 – Sons of Garmadon

30403 – Olivia’s Remote Control Boat

30404 – Friendship Flower

30405 – Stephanie’s Hockey Practice

30326 – Farm

30552 – Ariel’s Underwater Symphony

30540 – Yellow Flyer

30542 – Cute Pug

Via Hothbricks

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