Lego 10255 – The Assembly Square has been officially presented

Celebrating the theme 10th anniversary, Lego has officially presented the new Modular Building the Assembly Square. This masterpiece has four thousand pieces (a great building experience for sure!) and features a really nice shopping with an endless list of details and features and eight mini-figures: a dentist, barista, baker, florist, music store assistant, dancer, photographer and a LEGO® fan, plus a baby figure.

And it’s definitely a huge building, in line with the rest of the collection (other thing wouldn’t be expected…), showing not only three distinct facades but also a lot of movement in the side walk which I think it’s

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Lego Modular Buildings 2017 – Is Assembly Square the next?

A lot of rumors have been surfing in the past hours mentioning that the next Modular Building might be announced shortly, during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Modular Buildings, with the reference 10255 – The Assembly Square.

The known details are almost none for now, with the exception of being a set with more than two thousand pieces and a price around the three hundred dollars but I think that soon we’ll hear a lot more about it, especially because Brickcon will start this week and usually some great surprises are announced in this

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Lego 10246 – Detective’s Office – Updated with official pictures and press release

There were a few rumors since last summer that in the beginning of 2015 there would be a new Modular Building, rumors that are now were completely clarified with pictures of the new creator set, the modular Detective’s Office, a huge set with exactly two thousand and two hundred and forty six pieces.

The images show both set box sides and within, most of the details and features that the new building will bring, namely six new mini-figures, including the detective and her assistant, a barber, a paperboy, a new police officer and a citizen.The house has three distinct floors

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Bricktober Mini-Modular sets were unveiled

Images of four new mini-modular sets have been surfing in the internet showing what will be the new exclusive Bricktober sets, next month in USA and Canada Toysrus. Probably like in previous years, a single set will be available on each week of the month.

The pics show four city buildings, namely a fire station, a theatre, a pizza restaurant and a town hall. Each set brings two additional vehicles and all of them are built upon a 6×8 stud’s plate. Despite a few interesting details, honestly they don’t excite me at all!

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Lego 10230 – Mini Modulars

Mini Modulars has been released last year and recreates smaller scale models of some nice building sets: The Cafe Corner (Lego 10182), the market street (10190), the Grand Emporium (10211) , the Green Grocer (10185) and the fire brigade (10197) These five models are here built among a total of almost a thousand and four hundred pieces.

In terms of playability, after built, there isn’t much to talk about, they are the right structures to add to a city and that’s it. But if we talk about building them, the picture changes dramatically for better. All building come assembled in different bags in order to not to be confused. It’s is a good idea every time but in this case is essential because , I would say about ninety per cent of the pieces are very small.

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