X-Wing Starfighter – The World Largest Lego Model

New York has been stage of a big and massive event outdoor with the purpose of announcing the new Yoda Chronicles Premiere. And for that they have announced the world largest model that Lego has ever built. The set, apparently called “the Secret Model Indestructible” box has the outstanding quantity of 5.335.200 pieces that are responsible for the amazing…. X-Wing Starfighter that you can see below.

The space ship is full scaled, measuring around the 3,5 meters high and 14 meters of length, and it’s quite impressive to look at all those amazing details that we all know not only from the star wars episodes but most of all from the regular sets. This exhibition will be available until May 25th so you’re in NY try to have a look at it.

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Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – Ending with Sculptures, Portugal and Mindstorms

The tour is ending, this time with a few Lego appointments of Portugal, some nice sculptures and a few snapshots about Robotics and Mindstorms. It was indeed a great weekend with a bunch of great creations mixed with regular sets, filled with enormous imagination! My truly congratulations to all the AfOLs present in this event!

Having a look at the sculptures, there were some music celebrities such as Micheal Jackson or Elton John and a few actors like David “Poirot” Suchet, Charlie Chaplin and Rowen Atkison aka Mr. Bean.

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Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – Continuing with Star Wars and Space

Star Wars, Space and some other nice MOC’s were also present in Oeiras, last weekend. There was nothing particularly new in terms of new sets but is always a pleasure to see models like the big death star (10188), the millennium falcon (10179) and the B-Wing Starfighter as well as some nice creations. Yoda as you can see in the galley was definitely pretty accurate!

Having a look at the space presentations, there was a mix among great scenarios, older regular sets and vintage models. It was nice to review old models with more than twenty years such as the Galactic Mediator (6894), a lunar base with tall buildings and lots of space vehicles, and the old Alpha from the TV series Space: 1999.

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Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – Here we go again with Pirates, Kingdom and some Battle Theater

The great moments continue with these three themes. In terms of Pirates, there is a feeling that is more of the same because the ships have globally most of the times the same structure despite is different details or features. There we also some traditional Portuguese models such as the Portuguese Caravel and the Admiral ship among others.

In terms of buildings there were at least two that really impressed me, one of them the great fortress, which is a sort of white castle with plenty of battlements and cannons and also a nice old regular set of 1992, the Imperial trading Post which you can take a deep look at the extended gallery.

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Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – It’s Time for Technic, Creator and Dakar

These three themes, Technics, Creator and Dakar (this one isn’t properly a Lego Theme…) were also quite well represented in Oeiras Brincka, last weekend. Creator had some 2012 sets and a few older ones, with special relevance for some houses. Some of the 3×1 sets had the three buildings possibilities side by side which, I think, is very interesting to see and at the same time a bit unusual.

In terms of houses I especially liked the 2012 model, seaside house (7346), which for me is one of the prettiest buildings of creator over the last years. There were also some planes, a few trucks and even the Lighthouse Island which was also mounted as a little workshop.Having a look at the technic, Continue reading