Lego 2019 – Continuing with Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman

Here we go for some more, this time Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman. Concerning Lego Movie, there is definitely a bunch of new stuff to enjoy and I’m sure that the fans will certainly identity every single detail of the movie.

Minecraft is not my concept of Lego for sure but soon five new sets will hit shelves. Finally DC Batman will present a lot of color and action with two new options which clearly are not the only ones for 2019. The sets will be available next year during the first months.

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Lego Minecraft 2018 – The First Pictures

Seven new sets will make part of the next Minecraft wave.  Personally, I don’t play Minecraft, so the sets aren’t particularly appealing to me, but I’m sure that there are a lot of fans that just can’t wait for them.

The buildings have clearly different sizes but one thing in common, all of them have plenty of color and another point is for sure, this theme is getting bigger and bigger! The new wave will presumably be available on retail in the first month of 2018.

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Lego Minecraft Mountain Cave (21137) – The puzzle is completed

That’s it!! After a few days where some teasing images were shown with partial parts of the global picture, the last part of the puzzle was revealed, allowing having a clear look about the new Mountain Cave set.

And looking at the picture, that is surely a huge size set, with, possibly, a few thousand pieces and plenty of nice details to enjoy. Once this part revealed, I’m sure that it won’t take long to see the official presentation with its details, retail prices and Markets availability.Lego-Minecraft-Mountain-Cave-21137

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Lego Minecraft – A couple of new Skin Packs in September

The official images of two new Minecraft Skin packs has been surfing in the internet, showing all the details and colors from two additions that were already known for a few months. Personally I’ll pass them but I’m sure that the Minecraft fans will find them quite useful when joined to bigger sets.

The two skin packs (853609 and 853610) have similar size, with around twenty five pieces, and both brings four figures with some additional accessories. The sets should be available on retail next month with a price around the fifteen

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Lego Minecraft – The Fortress (21127) Official Pictures

Official pictures of the new Minecraft set, The Fortress, have been published on British Amazon, showing a pretty interesting set with lots of nice details in a total of almost one thousand pieces that will also includes six figures: three skeletons, Steve with a golden armor, a horse and a sheep.

In addition, and as main features, the fortress includes a few large doors with a pressure plate, watchtowers, a few windows with bars, cannons, water areas, farm and even a prison with an opening function of the

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