Lego Movie 2 – The new Collectable Mini-figures have been revealed

The new series of collectable mini-figures, based on the next Lego Movie 2 have been revealed, containing twenty new characters. And at the first glance I would say that most of them look absolutely cool! My favorites are the Water Melon Dud, the Apocalypseburg Abe, Battle-Ready Lucy and of course Benny!

There’s no official information about availability but rumors mentions the possibility of seeing them on general retail next February (which is just around the corner…) with the usual price of 3.99 .

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Lego 70840 – Welcome to Apocalypseburg!

Great news for the Lego Movie 2 fans. A huge set, Welcome to Apocalypseburg , with more than three thousand pieces have been revealed as well as a huge building and lots of new mini-figures, not mentioning the extensive list of details to enjoy.

AS you can see through the images, the set shows a fallen statue of liberty with small shops all around, as well as thirteen characters (Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Scribble Cop, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, ’Where are my pants?’ Guy, Larry the Barista, Chainsaw Dave, Mo-Hawk, Roxxi and Fuse) from the movie.

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Lego 2019 – Continuing with Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman

Here we go for some more, this time Lego Movie 2, Minecraft and DC Batman. Concerning Lego Movie, there is definitely a bunch of new stuff to enjoy and I’m sure that the fans will certainly identity every single detail of the movie.

Minecraft is not my concept of Lego for sure but soon five new sets will hit shelves. Finally DC Batman will present a lot of color and action with two new options which clearly are not the only ones for 2019. The sets will be available next year during the first months.

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Lego 70819 – Bad Cop Car Chase

Let’s have a look at the Police set of the new wave of the Lego Movie sets. The Bad Cop Car Chase features one of the Police cars, present in the movie, a bike and four mini-figures with the respective weapons: the Bad cop /Good Cop with dual printed face, a couple of Robo swat’s with different suits and Wyldstyle.

At the first glance the Police car doesn’t look properly beautiful but it seems quite similar to the one in movie. With a black and white color scheme, the shapes are slightly taller than usual which as consequence gives the car the sensation of having a big engine. The cockpit is perhaps the most interesting part showing an aerodynamic windshield with no kind of doors that might indicate that the only way to access the interior is by removing the roof.

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Lego 70818 – Double Decker Couch

The Double Decker couch is a new The Lego Movie set with a bit less than two hundred pieces that features the blue couch, a small car, pretty similar to the city small car (3179) that I usually call “Smart Car” and five mini-figures: Emmet, the Uni-Kitty, the President Business, Benny and Vitruvius.

Just like the real World vehicle, this ‘Smart’ is rather small but the inside has more than enough space for a mini-figure. There’s no need to remove the roof to put any guy inside, he can enter easily through the side doors and this time, the car brings also a couple of rear mirrors which is absolutely new in this model.

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