Lego Guardians of The Galaxy – Official Images

Pictures of the new Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of The Galaxy sets have been discovered in Amazon, giving a pretty much decent look of the three sets that were seen three days ago, somewhere in a 2017 Lego Catalogue.

Remembering, the three sets are Ravager Attack (76079) with 197 pieces and a retail price around the twenty five dollars, Ayesha’s Revenge (76080), 323 pieces and a value around the thirty five bucks and finally, the biggest of all, The Milano vs. The Abilisk (76081), 460 pieces, that should cost something around the fifty

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Lego Juniors 2017 – The first pics

Here we go for the Juniors! The first 2017 Wave of sets will feature at least four new sets, all based in other Lego themes, namely, super Heroes, Friends (two) and Disney Frozen. And the younger fan have absolutely a lot to enjoy!

The new four sets, which have all a small size (the biggest has around hundred and fifty pieces), are: Anna’s and Elsa’s Frozen Playground (10736), Batman vs. Mr. Freeze (10737), Mia’s Farm Suitcase (10746) and Andrea and, finally, Stephanie’s Beach Holiday (10747), that presumably will hit stores in the beginning of new

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Lego 40138 – The Christmas Train Official Pictures

The official images of the Seasonal Christmas Train (40138) have been revealed on Promobricks showing a bit more, than the previous catalog picture, about the set and its box. The set consists in a train with a locomotive and two carriages, one for passengers, despite being too small for mini-figures, and another to transport gifts.

The box has a total of two hundred and thirty three pieces and features also, besides the red train, a small island with a tree and a few additional accessories. This exclusive set will be available as a gift between October 13th and November 13th when purchasing $99 (€75 in Europe) or more.Lego-40138-The-Christmas-Train-4

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Lego 76042 – The SHIELD Helicarrier has been officially revealed.

The new and massive Super Heroes SHIELD Carrier has finally been unveiled. This masterpiece of design and creativity has almost three thousand (!!!) pieces, features a huge list of amazing details and features that includes twelve exclusive micro-figures, five mini-figures (Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill) and several micro scale vehicles.

Two things immediately caught my attention. First, the new big black and printed plates used for the entire airstrip. Second, the four big engines that can be triggered manually with a lever placed at the back ,or just by adapting a power function kit, which according to its designer seems pretty easy!

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Lego 60075 – Excavator and Truck

The Excavator and Truck is a new 2015 city set with exactly three hundred and eleven pieces that features a yellow excavator, a blue truck, a conveyor, a couple of mini-figures (two constriction workers), and a few additional accessories such as a box with dynamite and tools for the workers and a few bricks to load and unload from the truck.

The set looks incredibly awesome in terms of playability featuring a load and unload cycle of the several bricks through the three different elements that are part of the set. The idea is to grab the pieces with the winch, put them in the conveyor and then load them into the truck. Once loaded, they easily fall just by triggering the tipper door at the back and then the all process can be started once again.

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