Lego 60152 – Sweeper & Excavator

Here is another great vehicle from the new wave of City sets. The new Sweeper and Excavator is perhaps one of the biggest Winter presentations, until the moment, and features around three hundred pieces and surely a lot to play with.

The set includes a truck with a double sweeper at the front, a long trailer that is considerably wide according to the usual standards, a yellow excavator, two mini-figures (road workers) and some additional accessories like tools (a wrench, a shovel, a broom and a jackhammer), a traffic sign with a light on top, a couple of road signs and a small wall under

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Lego 60150 – Pizza Van

The Pizza Van is a new 2017 City set that will shortly hit stores and perhaps one of my favorites until the moment. It looks absolutely fantastic, filled with plenty of nice details to enjoy (and also a few cons as well) as well as a great touch of playability.

The new Pizza Van has around two hundred and fifty pieces and features the Pizza Vehicle, a small red motorcycle, a round esplanade table with a green sunshade and a pizza slice on top and, finally, two mini-figures ( the pizzaiolo and a female costumer with a couple of accessories).lego-pizza-van-60150-city-5

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Lego City 2017 – More New Sets

With all the credits going to hothbricks, a few more 2017 City sets have been unveiled. With the exception of a couple of them I must say that this new wave didn’t excite me too much. Too much trailers and too much déjà-vu. However the Pizza Van looks really nice as well as the Sweeper and Excavator.

The nine new sets contain a race plane (60144) a Buggy (60145), a Stunt Truck (60146), the already known fishing Boat (60147), an ATV Race Team (60148), the 4×4 with Catamaran (60149), A Pizza Van (60150), a Dragster Team (60151) and finally a Sweeper and Excavator (60152).lego-city-2017-60144-60145-60146-60147-60148-60149-60150-60151-60152

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Lego 60132 – Gas Station


Here is one of the must for my collection, next summer. Nine years have passed since the last City Service Station (7993), that unfortunately didn’t have the pleasure to achieve, and in my humblest opinion, it was definitely about time!

The new Gas Station is a City set that will hit markets next June during the second wave of 2016 releases. The piece count and prices are not known yet but I would bet something between four and five hundred pieces which puts it , theoretically, around the forty dollars, perhaps a bit more, which I think is quite fair for this awesome set.Lego-60132-Gas -Station-city-1As you can see Continue reading

Lego 60117 – Van & Caravan

The Van & Caravan is a new City set that replaces the 2012 Model, Car and Caravan (4435). It has exactly two hundred and forty two pieces and features a white caravan attached to a blue van, a dog and two mini-figures (a couple of city citizens) with a few accessories that include a small barbecue.

The Van isn’t very big and at the first glance it seems a little more cubic that it was supposed to, making it a bit ugly in my opinion. The engine hood looks small which in terms of design makes this van a sort of MPV. Inside, it seems to have a considerable space not only for the driver but also for at least a couple of additional passengers.Lego-60117- Van-Caravan-city

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