2019 Lego Sets – The First Round

Some of the new 2019 Lego sets have finally been unveiled and according to the pictures that are surfing in the net, some of them are already available on shelves. For now it  is possible to have a look to some city and creator sets, which, with the exception of one or two, I must say didn’t excite me at all.

City show the traditional new round of Fire sets as well as some new great vehicles boxes , with the biggest until the moment, the Downtown Fire Brigade (60126) to ensure all the attention . In terms of creator nothing to much appealing, just five 3*1 sets but I’m sure than soon well some much more not only from these themes but also from the rest.

The entire set list should be Continue reading

Lego 60149 – 4×4 with Catamaran

The 4×4 with Catamaran is a new City set that has recently been released. With exactly one hundred and ninety eight pieces, it features a green 4×4 vehicle with a trailer, a beautiful Catamaran with a big sail and a couple of mini-figures with accessories.

The green 4×4 car definitely is not the prettiest in my opinion but it shows more than enough to handle with the Catamaran. With a powerful look and a compact design, it shows also a raised suspension and larger tires.  At the front the engine, as well as the lights, has for their protection a big black bar which gives to the car a sturdy look.Lego-60149-4x4-with-Catamaran-city-3

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Lego 60147 – Fishing Boat

In a short look on eurobricks, I’ve passed through a picture of a new 2017 City set, the Fishing Boat. As a substitute of the 2011 model (4642) this new set has a bit more than hundred pieces and features besides the boat, two mini-figures (the pilot and a lady) with assorted accessories and a lot of fish that includes a shark and a new orange specie.

And I like it! It doesn’t have the yacht shapes of the previous model, but it has all the mandatory features in a nice fishing boat. The base piece seems to be the usual and I surely expect that it floats better than the other one. If you like stickers, there’s also the possibility of adding a couple with the mention “sport fishing”.lego-60147-fishing-boat-city

The bow is Continue reading

Lego 60119 – Ferry

What a great surprise! This is definitely one of the most interesting and different City sets of the last years, giving, not only to the Harbor but also to the city theme as well, a great wave of innovation which certainly is not easy in this theme.

The Ferry is a new 2016 set, with around three hundred pieces, that features the big long and yellow ferry boat (quit similar, I would say, in terms of design to some ship of several parts of the world), a nice red convertible and two mini-figures (the pilot and a lady for the car) with a few accessories.Lego-60119-Ferry-city

The ship, according to the set box, measure exactly Continue reading

Lego City 7992 – Container Stacker

The Container Stacker is a nice but different city set. For an average fan it is not a priority, in my opinion, but for those who have a city harbor or some cargo trucks, or even the cargo train with containers. With one mini-figure (a typical worker) and more than two hundred pieces this is surely a good addition to a cargo theme.

The two containers present in the set, don’t have much to cheat. One is red and has straight pieces in every side, the other, gray, is opened not only on its sides, but also in the top. Here there is a black winch to be pulled by the Stacker. Both are simple and easy to build and have same stickers which personally I don’t like.The stacker is different from the traditional builds in this theme. Continue reading