Toy Fair 2016 Nuremberg – Pictures of Summer Ninjago sets

The updates continue on, this time with pictures of some of the new Ninjago sets for next Summer. All that you can possibly enjoy on this theme will surely be on a very high level, especially if we attempt to a couple of sets.

The first one and at the same time one of the head sets of this wave is the Stealth Raider 2.0 (70595) that features four different vehicles and same impressive mini-figures. Another one is the Lighthouse Siege Defense (70594), a building with plenty of fantastic details and a lot of great feature to

Better than words are definitely the images. Take a look at them right away!

70588 – Titanium Ninja Tumblerlego-ninjago-titanium-ninja-tumbler-70588

70589 – Cole’s Rock Raiderlego-70589-ninjago

70591 – Kryptarium Breakoutlego-ninjago-kryptarium-breakout-70591lego-70591-ninjago

70592 – Ronin Mechlego-ninjago-70592

70593 – Loyd’s Green Dragonlego-70593-ninjago

70594 – Lighthouse Siegelego-ninjago-lighthouse-siege-defense-70594

70595 – Stealth Raider 2.0lego-ninjago-stealth-raider-70595-1lego-ninjago-stealth-raider-70595


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