The Winter Techinc Sets have been revealed

The new 2017 Technic sets have finally been revealed. Seven new sets will make part of the set list and not being the most enthusiastic fan, I must say that generically they’re definitely pretty good with an endless list of details to enjoy!

The set list includes the Ultralight Helicopter (42057), a Stunt Bike (42058), a Stunt Truck (42059), the Roadwork Crew (42060), a Container Yard (42062), the Ocean Explorer (42064) and finally the RC Tracked Car (42065). At the first glance my attention goes to the Ocean Explorer which looks simply fantastic!lego-technic-42057-42058-42059-42060-42061-42064-42065

The sets will be available next January! Have a look at them!

42057 – Ultralight Helicopterlego-technic-42057 lego-technic-42057-2

42058 – Stunt Bikelego-technic-42058 lego-technic-42058-1

42059 – Stunt Trucklego-technic-42059 lego-technic-42059-1

42060 – Roadwork Crewlego-technic-42060 lego-technic-42060-1

42062 – Container Yardlego-technic-42061 lego-technic-42061-1

42064 – Ocean Explorerlego-technic-42064 lego-technic-42064-1

42065 – RC Tracked Carlego-technic-42065 lego-technic-42065-1

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