The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

The Unofficial Lego Builder’s guide is perhaps the simplest Lego book available in the market. Forget it if you plan to find inside it some nice models or creations in order to build them or even be inspired. This book is definitely the first grade of Lego world because it mostly gives you all the basic notions of what is Lego.

The second Edition, now full color printed, has two hundred and twenty pages, filled with nice pictures and a pleasant reading. Browsing it you can read several interesting themes that sometimes we pass through it such as micro-scale models, sculptures and mini-figures scale models among others.

The last chapters of the book includes a nice brickpedia about system bricks, which contains information that includes such as when they have been created or even which their most important features or applications.

This publication is almost on stores and can be already ordered in a couple of reference sites.

Have a look at the press release and below it some additional photos:

“When it comes to LEGO building, the possibilities are nearly endless. That’s an exciting prospect but also a daunting one. Where do you start? How do you build?

To help LEGO fans of all ages make the leap from following canned instructions to freestyle building, author Allan Bedford explains the essentials of design and construction in this four-color edition of The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide (No Starch Press, November 2012, 240 pp., full color, $24.95, ISBN 9781593274412).

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide explains fundamental building practices that apply to any model, no matter the size or complexity. The book’s tone is friendly, light-hearted, and geared toward helping builders of all ages get the most fun out of the popular pastime. Readers will find coverage of the nitty-gritty details of connecting bricks to create sturdy and attractive combinations as well as helpful advice for mastering those early stages of the creative process, from coming up with design ideas to translating them into a concrete blueprint for building.

The best-selling first edition of The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide was beloved by kids and grown-ups alike. “This is the book I wish I had as a kid and as an adult returning to the hobby,” said Jacob McKee, former LEGO Community Development Manager. “It’s a great resource and is going to have a cherished place on my worktable.” While maintaining the core of what made the first edition a resounding success, this new edition of The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide also gives readers what they’ve been requesting for years: full-color images that help to clarify concepts and make the discussion easier (and more fun) to follow.

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide shows readers how to:

  • Construct models that won’t fall apart
  • Choose the right pieces and substitute as needed
  • Build to micro, jumbo, and minifig scale
  • Make playable board games from LEGO pieces
  • Create photo mosaics and curved sculptures
  • Build a miniature space shuttle, a minifig-sized train station, and more

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide includes an updated version of the indispensable and well-loved Brickopedia—an illustrated, visual dictionary of nearly 300 of the most commonly used LEGO elements, with historical notes, common uses, part numbers, and the year each piece first appeared in a LEGO set.

The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide is perfect for kids ready for more ambitious projects as well as adults rediscovering the joy of LEGO building, whether as their own hobby or one to share with their children.”

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