The Summer Wave of 2013 City Sets

The 2013 Summer City sets have finally been revealed and I must say that I’m really excited with some of them. There are clearly three sub-themes, all of them a sequel of older ones, and every one brings great news, despite the few available pictures until the moment. There will be some coast-guard sets, three cargo and even at least a couple of racing.

The Coast-guards will arrive with a plane, some patrol vehicle, and perhaps one or two boats. The Cargo will be represented with a heliplane (which I speculate that will bring a nice helicopter), a big truck and a cargo terminal that surely will capture my attention.

The Racing sets, by now, are represented by two large sets which are the grand prix truck and a monster truck transporter. The set list is almost complete, there are still some remain mysteries such as the 60013 (coast guard), or the 60024 and 60026 from racing.

Please have a look at the (almost…) complete set list:

Lego 60011 – Surfer Rescue

Lego 60012 – 4×4 & Diving Boat

Lego 60014 – Coast Guard Patrol

Lego 60015 – Coast Guard Plane

Lego 60019 – Stunt Plane

Lego 60020 – Cargo Truck

Lego 60021 – Cargo Heliplane

Lego 60022 – Cargo Terminal

Lego 60023 – City Starter Set

Lego 60025 – Grand Prix Truck

Lego 60027 – Monster Truck Transporter

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