The Official Pictures of the new Ideas Caterham Seven 620R (Lego 21307)

Official Images of the new Ideas set, the Caterham Seven 620R, have been unveiled, showing almost every single details of this fantastic car. The final color scheme was already known for a while as well as the piece count, seven hundred and seventy three pieces, but it’s always pleasant to see all these detailed images.

A long front, a removable hood, a nice and detailed engine and an awesome cockpit are some of the great features that can be found in this vehicle, but I’m sure that that we will soon ear some more from Lego about

The set will be shortly available and should retail around the eighty dollars.
lego-ideas-caterham-seven-620r-21307 lego-ideas-caterham-seven-620r-21307-1 lego-ideas-caterham-seven-620r-21307-2

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