The new Legends of Chima Mini Site is finally alive

The Legends of Chima Lego site is finally online and all its features have been revealed. The homepage is surely very animated with a small fight between Crawley and Lennox. All the background landscape is extremely beautiful, being inspired on the environment where all the Chima’s action takes place.

At the bottom, there are four banners that point to four different sections: the products presentations with nice pictures, details and building instructions of all the sets including the speedorz, another one with a small explanation of how the powerful Speedorz work, a third one with the Lego designers reviews and finally a forth about the world of Chima, namely its tribes, vehicles and history.

Continuing, on the right side there is also two other options that let you access to the online speedorz game and see all the presentation trailers about the World of Chima. Have a look at everything right here.

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