The new Creator Sets in images

The next Creator wave that will be on stores in the beginning of the year will present some really nice sets. Most of them were already known quite a while ago, but there were a couple that suffered a big speculation, particularly the Emerald Express, that almost all of us wished, that was a new release of the 2009 train, Emerald Night (10194).

In fact it is, but it’s only a sample with fifty six pieces and just all the other models, it offers three building possibilities. Looking at all of them, my favorite is absolutely the yellow Turbo Quad but I think that some of them, namely those with the animals will also delight the fans.

Enjoy the new pictures!

31014 – Power Digger

With the size of a polybag it brings only sixty four pieces and alternatively a small caterpillar or a truck

31015 – Emerald Express

The small Emerald Express despite its little size is quite beautiful and well as its 3×1 possibilities that are a small carriage or a rocket locomotive

31017 – Sunset Speeder

I like this one! With only hundred and nineteen pieces beside the orange car, the other two building options, a racing truck and a F1 machine are also really nice!

31018 – Highway Cruiser

Three great motorcycles among hundred and thirty pieces!

31019 – Forest Animals

Like it or not the animal are highly detailed.

31020 – Twinblade Adventures

It features three nice aircrafts among two hundred and sixteen pieces.

31021 – Funny Creatures

With two hundred and eighty five pieces, it features a big cat and a mouse and offers the possibility of building a dog or a rabbit.

31022 – Turbo Quad

My favorite set with almost two hundred pieces. Besides the yellow ATV it can be rebuilt and transformed in a big monster truck or alternatively in a nice buggie.

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