The Mini-figures of the 2013 Star Wars Sets

This is definitely a great galley of Star Warsmini-figures. The next wave of star wars is all here represented and through this picture we can have a clear look of the extensive list of characters that integrate all this new sets. Twenty six mini-figures are surely a respectable number.

The following picture also reveals an interesting issue that is the number of sets that each one of the mini-figure participate. And according to it almost all of them, this year, is exclusive to a single set with the exceptions of the blue clone trooper and the brown Commando Droid Captain .Overall, this entire collection is really great but I would like to highlight three of them: the old Luke SkyWalker with its orange suite and the space helmet, the Clone trooper that I consider simply perfect and the Obi-Wan Hanobi because of its face expression.

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