The Lego Technic wave in images

The new Technic sets have just been uncovered showing some really nice details of what’s coming up next.  There are models for all prices and preferences but as usual the bigger assume naturally more relevance towards the others.

It’s hard to point a favorite among the eight but in my opinion the constructions crew, with three nice vehicles looks excellent because it joins the traditional building complexity of the technic sets with a lot of playability clearly above the average.

Have a look at them:

42020 – Twin Rotor Helicopter

It features a nice blue helicopter, with two building options and a retail price around sixteen dollars.42021 – Snow mobile

A nice green snow vehicle with two buildings options and a retail price of twenty two dollars

42022 – Hot Rod

Twenty two dollars for two possible models with some nice details.42023 – Constructions Crew

Is one of the biggest for now, with three nice vehicles (a truck, a caterpillar and a enormous crane). It will cost around eighty dollars.

42024 – Container Truck

The container truck was the only one that was known, through a snap shot of power functions pdf. Just like the construction vehicles it will retail around eighty dollars.

42025 – Cargo Plane

The big cargo plane which unfortunately for know is not possible to see the sex-box is clearly the biggest set and will cost hundred and thirty dollars.

42026 – Black champion Racer

This is a small F1 vehicle with a nice color combination and a useful pullback function. Retail piece: Twenty five bucks.

42027 – Desert Racer

With a pullback function and the possibility of be joined with the black champion racer, creating a completely new model, a crazy truck.

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