The Lego Ideas Book

This is surely one of the best Lego books in the market and surely one excellent gift for next Christmas. Lego fans like not only theme sets but also like to build their own creations and even to imagine new ideas. With more than five hundred models since little constructions to big detailed models, this book is quite extensive in terms of presentations.

It has among others nice and different  city vehicles, boats, plains, Kingdoms and Castle,  space models and ships as well at nice houses and buildings and small but very useful ideas specially for placing them in an existing town. The problem is “well I have the ideas but where do I get the bricks??”.Don’t worry about that because the real creators will surely destroy some of their sets and rearrange the bricks or worst than that. They will ask you by next Christmas a couple of Lego brick boxes. In their minds it will surely be the best idea.This book doesn’t look expensive, 14 dollars is a fair price, and with the bunch of ideas that it has, it has definitely a great value for money.

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