The first 2014 Lego Technic Rumor list

The first rumors about the 2014 first wave of technic sets have been surfing on the internet. The new list is constituted by seven sets with a range number between 42020 and 42027, which allows the possibility of having an eighth set, probably announced later.

If last year’s tendency is repeated, the theme’s entry will be a twin rotor helicopter and some fans also speculate that there will be two pull back racer sets, namely the Black Champion Racer and the Desert Racer (respectively 42026 and 42027).

Looking at the complete list and not being a truly technic fan, I must say that I’m quite curious about the new snowmobile and also the container Truck which seem to be two interesting models and different from the last years releases. For now there is no additional information, but at least have a look at the complete list:

42020 – Twin-Rotor Helicopter

42021 – Snowmobile

42022 – Hot Rod

42023 – Construction Crew

42024 – Container Truck

42026 – Black Champion Racer

42027 – Desert Racer

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