X-Wing Starfighter – The World Largest Lego Model

New York has been stage of a big and massive event outdoor with the purpose of announcing the new Yoda Chronicles Premiere. And for that they have announced the world largest model that Lego has ever built. The set, apparently called “the Secret Model Indestructible” box has the outstanding quantity of 5.335.200 pieces that are responsible for the amazing…. X-Wing Starfighter that you can see below.

The space ship is full scaled, measuring around the 3,5 meters high and 14 meters of length, and it’s quite impressive to look at all those amazing details that we all know not only from the star wars episodes but most of all from the regular sets. This exhibition will be available until May 25th so you’re in NY try to have a look at it.

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Lego 10240 – Red Five X-wing Starfighter

Well well well, what a nice surprise. Yesterday at Lego World in Copenhagen, it was announced the Red Five z-wing starfighter. With almost one thousand and six hundred pieces, this great evolution of the 7191 model (released thirteen year ago!!) is planned to be on stores next May with a retail price around the two hundred dollars.

I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars but this Starfighter space ship is simply awesome! Despite all the great details, the great opening mechanism of the wings is simply great and overshadows everything. With, I imagine, a bunch of technic pieces and opposite strengths techniques, the wings can assume several positions, controlled by a big lever at the back.

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Lego Star Wars 9493 – X-Wing Starfighter

This is definitely one of the most known ships of Star Wars World. And its design is quite impressive since the ship’s nose until the engines, passing through the cockpit. With four mini-figures and almost six hundred pieces this set has everything to be one of the most successful star wars’ sets.

Starting building it, the first thing you will notice is a multicolor platform. It looks like a Lego’s tendency in almost all sets. Many unique pieces and a complex body will give place to excellent details. The four mini-figures (R2-D2 and D8, Luke SkyWalker and Jek Porkins) are also an added value to any collection specially if you don’t have many Star Wars sets. Continue reading