Lego 70704 Galaxy Squad – Vermin Vaporizer

The Vermin Vaporizer is a Galaxy Squad set, recently released in a few countries and for the samples that I’ve seen in the internet it is surely one of the best of this theme’s first wave. The set has a little more than five hundred pieces, three great mini-figures which are an Alien Beetle, a Robot and Chuck Stone Breaker, a big great vehicle which as you can see below hides a couple of more and a finally the bug or insectoid , whatever you want to call it.

Talking about the central master piece, the big lunar green vehicle I would say that it is rather well designed. It is simply great. And big I would, bigger than the first pictures would suppose, in my opinion. With big wheels the big car has space for a small buggy at the front, a flying robot at the back and at the middle there is a small research lab with a blue pad to trap the insectoid.

If we look at the back part, Continue reading