The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

The Unofficial Lego Builder’s guide is perhaps the simplest Lego book available in the market. Forget it if you plan to find inside it some nice models or creations in order to build them or even be inspired. This book is definitely the first grade of Lego world because it mostly gives you all the basic notions of what is Lego.

The second Edition, now full color printed, has two hundred and twenty pages, filled with nice pictures and a pleasant reading. Browsing it you can read several interesting themes that sometimes we pass through it such as micro-scale models, sculptures and mini-figures scale models among others.

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The Big Unofficial Lego Builder’s Book

The Big Unofficial Lego Builder’s Book is a four hundred pages publication that will be released soon, perhaps in the middle of November. With great models and detailed instructions, looks like this book is an excellent guide for everyone who wants to create a not only a new city but also some new unique vehicles.

According to several descriptions, the book has two main parts, one with ideas to build a small city which include the vehicles and a second with a couple of detailed cars, a helicopter and some big scale figures. A great feature of the entire book is definitely the detailed instructions which are definitely side by the side with the set’s book.The book is already in Amazon

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