Lego Millennium Falcon (75192) has been finally announced

The new Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set has finally been unveiled. After so much speculation, rumors and teasing images, here we have the new Millennium Falcon, a huge masterpiece and, best of all, the biggest set that Lego has ever made.

With more than seven thousand and five hundred pieces and 7 mini-figures (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia , C-3PO , Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn), the new Millennium Falcon is absolutely an bottomless well in terms of details and features to enjoy. By the way, save some extra space (not to mention money) because the spaceship is eighty four centimeters long which if huge in terms of beauty and building experience!!Lego-Millennium-Falcon-75192-star-wars-ultimate-collector-series-9

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Another teasing image of the next Millennium Falcon

Seven thousand, five hundred and forty one pieces! That definitely a lot! Lego has just published another teasing image of the upcoming Ultimate Collector Series star wars set, for most part of the fans, the new millennium Falcon (75192), and with it, some additional information about the piece count.

Comparing it with Taj Mahal, the biggest Lego set ever released, it will have one thousand and six hundred pieces more which is absolutely huge and an unforgivable building experience for sure. As a comparison, the last millennium Falcon has been released ten years ago and it was slightly “smaller” – a bit more than five thousand

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Lego 75144 – UCS Star Wars Snowspeeder

The new Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, Snowspeeder (75144) has just been officially revealed by Lego, showing a white huge space ship with an endless list of details and features to enjoy.

The new set announces one thousand and seven hundred pieces and contains besides the Snowspeeder (it measures around 39 cm long and 29 cm wide), two mini-figures (a Rebel Snowspeeder Pilot and a Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner) with assorted guns and accessories and a small stand to display it.Lego-75144-UCS-Snowpeeder-star-wars-7

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Lego 75098 – Assault on Hoth was officially revealed

The moment that many of us expected is here, the Assault on Hoth, a Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Series was finally unveiled by Lego, in 2016 New York Toy fair, revealing one of the most enthusiastic sets of the last times.

The set is big, very big and you better prepare your wallet for next May! Two thousand and hundred and forty four pieces is what you’ll find inside the set box as well as an endless number of features and awesome details! It could’t be better in terms of beauty and playability!Lego-75098-Assault-on-Hoth-star-wars-1

The set, built mostly with white shades,

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Lego 75095 – UCS TIE Fighter

Lego has just announced at the New York Toy Fair event and on its Facebook page the new Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter. The new master piece include an almost half a meter model with one thousand and six hundred and eighty five pieces and an exclusive mini-figure, a tie fighter pilot with an extremely detailed black body.

This huge model is absolutely amazing in terms of details and I’m sure that the fans will be delighted with it. The set will be available in the second half of 2015 and should retail around the two hundred dollars.

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