Lego 60169 – Cargo Terminal

The Cargo Terminal is a new City set that will hit stores next June, during the next wave of releases. The exact piece count in not know but I would say that looking at the set box, it should have around the six hundred pieces which makes it reasonably big.

As you can see, the set features a lot to enjoy: a new cargo truck with a trailer, a red forklift, a sort of warehouse to store pallets, a small building with a barrier, a blue winch car to move the big truck containers and finally four mini-figures (one driver for each vehicle and the reception girl) with assorted

The truck looks Continue reading

Lego City 7733 – Truck and Forklift

This Cargo Set is a 2008’s set with almost three hundred and fifty pieces and two nice mini-figures. Beside the truck and its trailer, the set has also a nice forklift which will surely provide many hours of fun, loading and unloading the truck’s containers, as well as three nice load pallets with plenty of goods.

When start building the truck, you will soon notice that it is very similar, for instance, to the 7744 police vehicle. Even the roof piece is the same, with the exception of the color, of course. The chassis is based in a long piece with three wheel axes and the cab has the usual structure. The only thing that I still don’t like is the grid’s attachment. I keep thinking that is quite fragile.The only major difference is the attaching pieces. In this set the trailer is totally separated from the truck. Continue reading