Lego 75186 – Arrowhead

The Arrowhead is a great star Wars set with more than seven hundred pieces that includes an awesome long spaceship with plenty of nice details, a tiny yellow flying cart and five mini-figures with assorted weapons and accessories: Zander, Quarrie, Kordi, RO-GR   and finally a Stormtrooper.

Built over a structure of technic bricks, the space ship shows at the front the main feature which gives it the name: a arrowhead or if you prefer a hammer that easily goes up and down and smashes the enemy.Lego-75186-Arrowhead-star-wars-3

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Lego 75140 – Resistance Trooper Transporter

The Resistance Trooper Transporter is a new Star Wars set that will be available next month. This pretty interesting space ship features four mini-figures (a couple of resistance trooper, princess Leia and Admiral Ackbar) and a lot of great features to enjoy in a total of six hundred and forty six pieces.

I like this space ship! It’s rather different from the others and besides its awesome design, there are definitely a few details to look carefully. Built mostly with grey bricks and shapes nearly symmetric, the Transporter has a lot of space inside to do what it knows best: transport troopers.Lego-75140-Resistance-Trooper-Transporter-star-wars-3

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