Lego 40262 – Seasonal Christmas Set

A picture with a second seasonal Christmas set has been unveiled. The image shows a bigger box (comparing with the town square) containing one hundred and sixty nine pieces and some really nice Christmas elements to enjoy.

As you can see through the picture, the set contains a small Christmas train with a red locomotive and a couple of green carriages, a street lamp, a couple of stalls with colored decorations a table with included seats and three mini-figures: a girls, the train driver and a boy for the bakery

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Lego 10254 – Winter Holiday Train

What an awesome surprise! Lego has just unveiled the next Expert Creator set, the new Winter Holiday train, a set with an endless beauty and absolutely an indescribable upgrade of the latest model (10173) which was releases almost nine year ago!

The new Holiday train has seven hundred and twenty four pieces and shows an old style locomotive, a cool wagon which will be responsible to carry the additional power functions, a flat wagon with lots of presents and a Christmas tree and finally, at the back, a small passenger carriage.Lego-10254-Winter-Holiday-Train-creator-expert-6

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Lego 60097 – Town Square

Among so many great photos from the 2015 Nuremberg Toy fair, this new city set has caught my attention for sure. The new Town Square is big, very big (the exact piece count isn’t known for now…) and brings a lot of really nice vehicles and building to enjoy and guess what, fourteen mini-figures , which makes this set clearly much bigger than other previous versions.

The complete list includes an orange tram with three carriages which will possibly get the bigger attention, a small Lego Store with a delivery van, a garage with a tow truck and three cars, a coffee shop, a tram station, a blue helicopter and two other minor elements such a pizza delivery motorcycle and an ice cream cart.

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Lego Cuusoo – Julio Verne Train reaches 10.000 votes

Another great Cuusso Project from the BttF team, the Julio Verne Train, is closer to become a production set, having reached recently the 10.000 supporters. This set as you probably know is based in the Back to the future movies and has the merit to be the first train that reached the review stage in Cuusso contest.

The train features a big locomotive, a smaller carriage and five mini-figures which according to the creators are Doc Brown, Clara, Jules, Verne and Einstein. The locomotive brings a great color scheme, mixing black, yellow and red, and some really nice details such as the long front, the opening flying wings, which also include the axes and a big cabin on the edge.

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Lego 79111 – Constitution Train Chase

The Constitution Train Chase is a new and amazing Lone Ranger’s set and a good addition to the Lego train’s world. It has a steam locomotive and three nice wagons: one for carry the coal for the engine, another one that is basically a platform for weapons and a huge rotating chain cannon and a third one that is a prison.

The number of pieces is not known yet, however the set brings a respectable number of mini-figures: seven (!!) which are Tonto, The Lone Ranger, Butch Cavendish, Rebecca Reid, Rebecca Reid’s Son, Latham Cole and Captain Jay Fuller. As you can see it’s a bunch of new additions, some of them exclusive of this set.But the features don’t end in the train Continue reading