Lego Friends – The Official Game Play Trailer

The most popular Lego girls’ theme has just unveiled its new official game trailer. With Heartlake City in the center of all the action the most popular characters like Andrea or Emma will have plenty of activities to explore and play with.

Warner Bros is the responsible for posting the new trailer for this exciting new Lego game which will be for now available for Nintendo DS and 3DS. Below you can see in detail all the main game features which at the first glance give total freedom to the players to do what they wish most at any time, not only in terms of customizing the characters, but also to choose in which part of HeartLake city they want to play.

The game is already available for preorder in Amazon and will be on retail in the last day of November. Continue reading

Legends of Chima – Coming soon on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Channel decided to spice the fans’ curiosity about the new theme, Legends of Chima and shown a short movie about it. From the creators of Ninjago, this trailer shows clearly not only some of the characters of the set as well as some of the great machines and the entire environment that features the theme.

A surrounding voice emphasizes all the super powers that the main characters will display and use to fight the evil forces: “You shall take an orb of Chima, place it in your chest, and feel the power of nature itself. “ Legend of Chima, coming soon – very soon we hope!

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