New York’s Toy Fair 2013 – Castle and Friends’ new set pictures

I guess that this Toy Fair show, which was held in New York, has definitely brought us almost all the news as it concerns to the new summer sets.  From Castle there was already some information about the new sets, however there we’re still a small number of available pictures that could show us more details about them.

The girls’ favorite theme revealed, I guess, all that will be released this Summer and I’m sure that the fans will definitely be delighted with what’s is coming up next Spring and beyond it.

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London Toy Fair 2013 – Some Additional Considerations

In the last few days, a lot new information came out from the 2013 Toy fair in London. There is a lot of new stuff coming up very soon, some of them I’ve spoken about it a couple of days ago, however there are some new great details or features that I would like to highlight about the new sets.

And there is surely plenty to look to. Starting for instance for the Friends, the Dolphin Cruiser (41015) will be a pleasant surprise built mostly with white and pink, and surprise (!!) this set will bring a boy which is absolutely new! The other big friends’ set of this new wave, the HeartLake High will be a yellow and blue building representing a school.There are also some great appointments about Star Wars. Continue reading

Toy Fair 2013 – the first thoughts of the Lego presentations

The first day of the 2013 London Toy Fair finally arrived and with it, Lego has shown a bunch of great new sets that will arrive next summer. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take any picture which is perfectly understandable, so all the anxiety about new live details will remain a few more time.

All the new themes were present and today, the visitors could confirm how much they will spend on stores in the next months. Below you will find a detailed list of all the sets and respective prices.

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