Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – It’s Time for Technic, Creator and Dakar

These three themes, Technics, Creator and Dakar (this one isn’t properly a Lego Theme…) were also quite well represented in Oeiras Brincka, last weekend. Creator had some 2012 sets and a few older ones, with special relevance for some houses. Some of the 3×1 sets had the three buildings possibilities side by side which, I think, is very interesting to see and at the same time a bit unusual.

In terms of houses I especially liked the 2012 model, seaside house (7346), which for me is one of the prettiest buildings of creator over the last years. There were also some planes, a few trucks and even the Lighthouse Island which was also mounted as a little workshop.Having a look at the technic, Continue reading

Lego 42007 – Moto Cross Bike

The new moto Cross Bike is a new technic set with two hundred and fifty three pieces and it is definitely one of the amazing technic sets that I’ve seen in the last times. This great moto cross bike set, alternatively, has the possibility to build another terrific model which I assume that is based on those bikes that run on ice tracks.

I must confess that I’m not a technic enthusiastic, so the following notes will be centered on the huge details and features that these bikes have, instead of talking about the building techniques or even eventual rare or unusual pieces that this set might have. And there are surely many details to talk about.

Overall, I guess that there isn’t a single detail that hasn’t been forgotten. Continue reading

Lego 42000 Technic – Grand Prix Racer

The Grand Prix Racer is the latest F1 car of Technic. It will be on stores in the beginning of 2013 and it will cost around hundred dollars. First of all I must say that I’m not an enthusiastic fan of the theme and as a consequence a great critic. So please, accept my apologies if this small text only contains banalities.

The real fun of having a set like this one is in my opinion the great moments that are spent building it. It’s amazing the complexity of all those technique pieces attached to each other, giving at the same time all the required design to the f1 model.  This one in my opinion is not inspired in one of the latest real f1, because it looks like a model with at least four or five year, at least.Of course, the playability is inverse to the quantity and quality of details,

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Lego Technic 2013 – Finally Some New Pictures

At last in ibrickcity, because these last days have been tremendous in terms of news and Technic has been successively postponed until now. Seven of the new eight (until now..) know sets were finally revealed a couple of days ago and through its sets boxes we can easily some of the models and details that 2013 will bring to the fans.

The Formula 1 Car is definitely the one that holds our minds, not only for its amazing details but also because it looks big, rather big. Talking about the other sets and in terms of road vehicles, there will be also a red race car and a off road racer, both with a pullback mechanism. The excavator looks extremely detailed and at the same time complex and that big crane surely is rather impressive.

The hovercraft and the moto cross  Continue reading

Lego Technic 2013 – New Sets

Like in other Lego themes, by this time of the year, the rumors give place to real sets and in this case about ten sets are already revealed. There are no available pictures yet or at least with a minimum of warranty but at least by the set’s name, the enthusiastic fans can have a clear idea of what is coming soon.

There is also some expectation if some of them will be released before next Christmas in order to be an option when it is time to buy some presents. The realistic and functional features will definitely present, but I can´t say the same about the fact of if there are any new or different available parts or pieces.

As you can see detailed in the list below, Continue reading