Lego 66476 – A New City Super Pack

Recently I’ve stumbled in this new City super Pack on my local Toysrus store. Personally, I’ve no intention to buy it because I’ve already two prisoner’s transporters and a few fire vehicles and last but not least I’ve recently bought the small surfer rescue. Curiously, this is probably the first Lego Super Pack that I see that contains sets of two different years which is definitely quite unusual.

However, for those who plan to achieve some extra sets of these themes, this looks a good opportunity to get two nice vehicles and some useful sea accessories like the shark or the jet bike among a total of around three hundred bricks.

This new super pack contains the Surfer Rescue (60011), Continue reading

Lego 66456 – A new Star Wars Super Pack for the end of 2013

A new star wars 3×1 Super Pack will be available on retail in next December. According to rumors, it will bring three nice 2013 models, namely the AT-RT (75002), the new Z-95 HeadHunter (75004) and the Barc Speeder with side car (75012).

Definitely seems a pretty interesting pack with three models completely different from each other (AT-RT has never been my favorite in terms of Lego model but on the other hand the long Headhunter is absolutely amazing…) – and eleven mini-figures that among other will include a couple of commando droids, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a few clone troopers and Yoda.

Talking about the price there is already a Belgian site that mentions a 99,99 Euros ...Continue Reading...

Lego Ninjago and Hero Factory Superpacks

I must confess that I not an enthusiastic fan of these two themes but their super packs are surely a great opportunity and a nice gift for Christmas, if you like them, of course. In the last weeks, a couple of sites and forums have mentioned the release of two super packs for hero factory and three for Ninjago!!

Recent comments indicate that the Ninjago’ super packs will include an amazing assault vehicle, a nice motorcycle, a ship and plenty of nice features among others. On the other hand, the Hero factory will present a bunch of different robots with plenty of colors, details and enormous modularity.

Have a close watch to the five superpacks’ details Continue reading